the Miracles and Wonder Story

In The Beginning

When Louise and I started working together, we called ourselves Miracles and Wonder. It was an homage to a film favourite on Louise’s part, and Paul Simon’s The Boy in the Bubble on mine – a song that kept playing in my head as we searched for a label under which to market our enterprise. The partnership has since dissolved but we still work together on projects like this website.


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Permission to BE Powerful – or P2BP for short – was growing wings when we were still putting together our first online project: The Perfect Present 8 Week Experience. In the midst of writing evergreen posts, designing Cards of the Day, and recording meditations on life, the universe and everything, we realised that graduates were going to need somewhere to keep the experiment going long after the eight weeks were done.

Un.fortunately, there’s nothing out there. Nothing else supports the kind of fluid, choose-your-own-adventure experience of life that we’d asked participants to explore in The Perfect Present. Which meant we’d be sending people back into the world of outcomes, after two months immersed in the raw acceptance of what-is, without a net. So we came up with P2BP.



We wanted to offer something special, an interactive space to process the everyday realities of living this new perspective. But how?

We knew it had to be accessible and yet private enough for real sharing. There were too many trolls and cynics to make it a social media campaign, and we’d lose that sense of openness if we asked people to sign-up for a membership, so we bought the URL and left the details to the universe. If it was meant to be, surely we’d come up with something.


Four Years Later

Nothing happened … at first. Then, not long after the business partnership was dissolved, I got crazy sick and couldn’t do much of anything. (If you’re interested, you can read more about that here.)

The thing that brought me the most joy during my incapacitation, apart from my husband, was working on my websites. On the days that I could hold myself upright at my desk, I started populating a lot of the random URLs I’d purchased over the years with shells; all the branding and none of the substance. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with them or even if I’d recover to see them to the next phase of development but none of that matters when you live in the moment.

In the now moment, I was being told to play with the web design of P2BP. So I did.


That’s it, so far

It’s now 2018 and I’ll be re-launching all our old projects in a new application as soon as possible. In the meantime, I’ll be doing my Masters degree online, working on my websites, writing manuscripts and following my instructions.

As soon as I have a sense of what’s on offer, all Perfect Present participants will be invited to join the conversation. Until then, keep exploring!